A Brand New Photo Booth Experience

What is the Mirror Me Booth?

Mirror Me Photo Booth is a full length mirror with difference.

Hidden behind the mirror glass is customisable photobooth technology. Allow the mirror to talk to guests, operate it with their gestures and even measure their smile.

Mirror Me incorporates touch to allow guests to autograph their images. Like all Noonah interactives we combine Mirror Me with social sharing, data collection and branded prints.

How Does the Mirror Me Booth work?

Elegant, modern social photography, the Mirror Me Booth is a unique photo based activation experience that is perfect for any event!

Using a two way mirror the guest can see their reflection like in a normal mirror, the mirror will then spark to life and interactive elements can be displayed on-screen inviting the guest to ‘touch the mirror’

Once the guests activates the mirror it will then display customised messages and a count down before taking 1-4 photos.

After the photos are taken the mirror then displays a message asking the guest to sign or add their name to their photos – these images can then be printed and shared directly to social media.

See Channel 5 Case Study here which links to the Channel 5 blog